Uganda: Under Pressure Regime Accused of Crimes Against Humanity, Frees Relentless Young Democratic Challengers And Human Rights Campaigners.

Hundreds upon Hundreds Are Missing Killed Tortured Or Abducted.

In a tweet, Bobi Wine, the most ardent Ugandan challenger and leader of the biggest new political party, stated that, ‘After 6 months of illegal detention, 18 comrades including Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe & Dan Magic are out on bail! The military court imposed prohibitive conditions but we’re glad to have them back. We shan’t relent until all the hundreds others are free, and until Uganda is free!

Many ugandans reacted with reserved jubilation but also determination to fight for justice and human rights, with some calling for a democratic peaceful push for a complete change.

His closest bodyguard,confidant and friend, commonly known as Eddie Mutwe released a video appearing slim but resolute.

Its not clear whether this is directly related to the ongoing global protests but the time was telling, after campaigners targeted the elite club of G7 leaders in Cornwall, England.

IMF FACES WRATH while G7 was targeted by Protestors.

In another developments human rights campaigners targeted the regime at the G7 summit in the south western rural cost of cornwall, in England.

Others targeted the IMF office in Central London to highlight the plight of the gross human rights violations and the regime that is receiving funds from the organisation, largely funded by the G7 members among others.

In other bizzare but equally devastating developments, the ugandan regime was accused of effectively taxing oxygen in the middle of a raging pandemic, in the resource rich but one of the poorest countries in the world.

Characterised with one of the most ill equipped health systems on earth.




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