Does Germany’s Genocidal History on the African Continent and Beyond, Explain Its Current Relationship With The Ugandan Regime, Amidst Reports of Crimes Against Humanity, Torture, Mass Abductions and Killings?

As Germany admits Namibian, Genocide more scrutiny is needed on its history on the continent and its current relationship with the Ugandan regime, reportedly committing, torture, mass abductions and killings.

Public outcry

Above German Ambassador to Uganda Matthias Schaueior with Ugandan Military Regime personnel

Over the last few weeks and months, there have been concerns and outcries over the German ambassador, in Uganda over his comments and meetings with the regime’s military SFC unit , accused of committing heinous crimes crimes against humanity, something Germany knows a thing or two about( historical crimes against humanity).

In one particular incident, there was fierce pushback against a statement attributed to the German Government, in apparent support of the regime.

It was later reported that the seemingly supportive comment was removed.

Its not clear why any democratic country, such as Germany, a powerhouse of EU the project, will not only fail to meaningfully condemn the atrocities in Uganda, but appear to offer the regime much needed political support and diplomatic cover, by way of statements, inaction, photo opportunities or commission.

Germany’s history of crimes against humanity

Germany’s history on the continent and globally, before its current democratic stability, is one characterised with genocide, concentration camps, mass exile, deportations, torture, looting, plunder and starvation.

Specifically, on the African continent, although Germany colonised a few countries, in comparison to their British and French counterparts, they were genocidal, murderous and deployed concentration camps.

In Namibia, they almost exterminated an entire community while in Tanzania, they massacred, on a massive scale citizens opposing colonial oppression ( maji maji). Among other atrocities, they also experimented on Tanzanians in concetration camps, in the most devilish, inhumane and depraved manner.

Above a German accused of masterminding Genocide in Namibia.

The Atrocities in Namibia have since been recognised as genocide although the stated payments are too little too late and are spread over 30 yrs.

A picture said to be one of the communities subjected to German Genocide in Namibia

The payments through apparent investments have other restrictions which could mean that the protracted time period blunts the impact in the beneficiaries’ immediate lives.

Given that background, of Germany’s clear well documented history of genocide, torture, concetration camps, abductions or enforced disappearances, the German Ambassasor’s public outreach to the Ugandan regime, despite the reported crimes against humanity, is one that should not be surprising.

Its up to the international community to be vigilant and document the current Germany policy on the ugandan regime, given the publicly documented atrocities that reportedly continue to be committed by the regime. Keeping in mind Germany’s historical genocide on the continent and beyond. The Vigilance that ordinary ugandans have demonstrated over the last few months through push back against the German ambassador in uganda, must be mantained to save ugandan lives and stop crimes against humanity.




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