ICC in the Dock Over Uganda: A Case Against The International Criminal Court?

For any public legal court to function, it has to have maximum and unquestionable trust and confidence of the public it serves.

For the #IntlCriminalCrt, it MUST unequivocally have the confidence of the victims and the weak in its jurisdiction. Unfortunately, a pattern is emerging where its credibility is highly questionable and therefore its future in perhaps irreparable peril.

It was widely reported the ICC would not pursue any charges in the Kasese killings where scores of people were indiscriminately killed by the ugandan regime.

There must be full transparency and publication of how the ICC has handled the case of alleged torture, abductions, mass killlings,maiming, rape, murder, enforced dissappearances of civilians especially those from opposition and legitimate human rights defenders, civil society, clergy and wider public.

Under international law, cumulatively if proven or substantiated as alleged, such as statements from USMission, EU, HRW, State Dept, local and international media and in the public domain, that could arguably amount to a standard that would merit further investigation of alleged crimes against humanity.

Therefore, the ICC must publish in FULL the basis upon which it is reported to have dropped the case against the Ugandan regime.

Anything short of that will further intensify the deep seated lack of faith, trust and confidence in the court. The victims of human rights violations across the globe need justice and if the prosecutors are incapable of transparently, fairly and expeditiously dispense they must be expelled from their positions.

The buck always stops at the top and the fish rots from the head.

The chief prosecutor and the corresponding chain of line management must be held accountable if there is well founded basis for the current reports in the case of how they handled the uganda case.




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