Pressure on Uganda Human Rights Violations From International Community:

US State Department Publishes Scathing Human Rights Report While EU Expresses Deep Concerns About Crimes Against Humanity and the Rule Of Law in Uganda.

The EU delegation in Uganda has stated that it has met the Ugandan regime regarding the ongoing gross human rights violations in the country.

Over the last few month, there have been abductions, enforced disappearances, torture, killings and mass hostage takings of civilians and opposition supporters. This appears to be disproportionately from the Buganda region.

A day earlier, the US state department released a scathing detailed report citing similar heinous crimes and impunity by the perpetrators from the regime.

In a tweet, the EU stated that, ‘EU in Uganda (@EUinUG) Tweeted:
EU Heads of Mission (@EUinUG, @BelgiumInUganda, @DKinUganda, @SwedeninUG & @ADCinUganda) met the Minister of Justice to discuss issues incl. investigations into the Nov. riots, our deep concerns w/reported abductions and the crucial importance of upholding the rule of law in UG’.

In tense times, for the violent infested history, of the tiny east african country, a prominent Archbishop, Dr Lwanga died suddenly and mysteriously last Saturday, reportedly at his home in the suburb of Lubaga Cathedral.

He was a known critique of regime human rights violations, even a day earlier.

His aides reportedly released a speech he would have made on his easter sermon, in which he would repeat those criticisms about abductions and other crimes against humanity.

Poignantly, a few years ago, he stated that he had received or had been warned about threats to his life.

A threat that is now associated with the circumstances surrounding his passing a day before easter.

There have been similar sudden losses of lives by prominent critiques of the regime, especially religious leaders and other high profile figures.

These included Sheikh Muzaata, Dr Kalisa, Gen. Kasirye Gwanga, Bishop Kaggwa and Haji Nasser Sebagala.

In other developments, the singer, Akon, a Senagalese American, has attracted global ire, scrutiny,anger and media attention, due to his recent visits and subsequent promotion of the increasingly troubled country, as a safe destination for tourism and investment.

Akon has been taken to task for such an untimely campaign, in the face of abductions, killings, torture and what is increasingly characterised as 'hostage taking’ of Bobi Wine’s NUP party supporters. Reports indicate that most are held in paramilitary facilities, 'safe houses’ or torture chambers, and mass incarceration in inhumane and degrading circumstances, as highlighted in the numerous human rights reports. Such as the HRW, state department and a formal complaint to the international criminal court.

Akon, however appears to remain steadfast in his campaign, despite the obvious deep concerns and global revulsion about the crimes against humanity in Uganda.



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